Podcasts Reach Busy and Active Audiences

Weiblicher Fahrgast in einem BusOriginally the domain of disc-jockeys, music promoters, and internet geeks; podcasts have risen from the ashes of obscurity to become a key implement of mass media in the workshop of digital media and content marketing.

2015 was a great year for podcasts. An interview with a sitting U.S. President was done via a podcast and the medium had a reported 24% increase in regular listeners.

Investment in the medium is improving not only with increased funding but with traditional media outlets beginning podcast divisions. Content is also evolving for the better both in terms of information and production value due to the talent base that podcasting is attracting. Moreover, internet enabled automobiles will likely only serve to expand the base of podcast listeners where almost half of radio listening takes place.

Outside of what we normally consider to be media, podcasts are becoming a source of content in the form of audio information and are not necessarily just an internet radio medium. We do not expect online videos to emulate television shows and podcasts do not need to be stylized as internet radio programs. Investing, business planning, and life motivation are popular forms of burgeoning podcast format categories.

In fact, podcasts have an excellent potential of being forms of standing media content on business landing pages or promotional social media platforms. However, I would not suggest that a podcast is the final answer to anyone’s advertising needs. A podcast is simply another tool of digital content to grab the attention of potential clients.

Podcasts fulfill a unique role in both of the areas of media communication and business marketing because they do not require someone’s complete focus and attention. For example, audience members can listen to a podcast while they are exercising, traveling, or eating lunch. This is important because as the digital marketing world is inundated with content, audiences and consumers have less time to read all of the blog posts and watch all of the videos in their news stream.

We may also wish to consider that the way we interact with streaming devices for audio content and entertainment may change and grow in the near future. We have been asking our phones questions for a long time and the possible applications for this are endless. The Amazon Echo is an example of this new and interactive audio streaming technology.

Want to hear your favorite podcast? Just ask!


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