Perfect Media Prods and What We Do


My name is Billy Dees and I own Perfect Media Productions, LLC which is based in Canton, Ohio. I am not a sales-pitch oriented person. I believe in building business relationships.

I have worn many hats over the years. I have worked as a disc-jockey, stand-up comedian, and most recently as an editorial writer.

I help people create digital media, for their online presence or for traditional media; in the forms of voice-overs, digital photography, radio & podcasts, and video. I also help clients develop scripts, written content for blogs or web posts, and assist with any overall presentation.

In various capacities I can help in the following categories:

  • Podcast Production
  • Commercial Photography / Real-estate Postings
  • Audio Recording/ Radio Production
  • Web Videos / Photography
  • Social Media
  • Content Marketing
  • VHS to Digital Video (DVD) Transfers (New, details below.)

After being asked repeatedly if I do VHS to Digital transfers I finally got tired of saying “no.”

So, now the answer is “yes.”

There are various retail photo services and some dedicated transfer companies out there that will transfer video. We will try to be competitive on price but more importantly, as with all of our services, we are detail oriented and have additional services available.

Video tape with blank label isolated on white

Here’s some general information about our VHS to Digital Video Services:

No copy-written material. All content must be your own and for personal use. (Family videos, vacations etc.)

All jobs are quoted but as a general rule to give you an idea of cost, the charges are roughly .80 cents a minute for a straight transfer with a minimum charge of $25.00.

A straight transfer is taking a single duration of tape, transferring it uninterrupted to digital video, and then stopping the process at the end of that specific segment of tape to complete a single straight transfer. For that price we also provide a single DVD.

Simply put, a one hour straight transfer of VHS video to DVD would be $48.00.

I’ve been asked about breaking up the transfers to avoid unwanted material. Starting and stopping different points of the transfer of tape falls under the category of editing. There is no practical way to start and stop VHS tape that will produce clean edits and FF/RW scanning the tape for edit points is very cumbersome and far more time consuming than modern editing.

Many places that do transfers will not edit. We do edit as an additional service and that project is always quoted. Our process would be to take the entire segment of tape containing all of the desired material along with what needs to be removed in a single transfer. After we have the video in a digital format we would then select scenes for deletion, remove them and then insert appropriate transitions between the desired remaining scenes.

(You also have the option of requesting the straight transfer in a digital format and then editing it yourself.)

If you have large and separate segments of tape on a single VHS tape cassette or on numerous VHS cassettes, we can produce a series of straight transfers for video compilation. They can then be individually edited as needed and then compile-edited together to produce a single video. We can add post production as well, such as your commentary. This would only be custom quoted after a consultation along with a signed work order.

One more important note as I get asked this often. Transferring a VHS tape to DVD will not improve the picture quality. This is especially an issue if the VHS tape was recorded in an extended play mode. VHS had three time modes; 2, 4, and 6 hours. If you recorded something in the 6 hour mode you were putting 3x the amount of video information on the same quantity of tape in what was already a limited amount of resolution given the VHS format versus modern screen resolutions.

If you have any questions about any of our services please contact us.


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