Podcast Production

Billy Dees PodcastOriginally the domain of disc-jockeys, music promoters, and internet geeks; podcasts have risen from the ashes of obscurity to become a key implement of mass media in the workshop of digital media.

Investment in the medium is improving not only with increased funding but with traditional media outlets beginning podcast divisions. Content is also evolving for the better both in terms of information and production value due to the talent base that podcasting is attracting. Moreover, internet enabled automobiles will likely only serve to expand the base of podcast listeners where almost half of radio listening takes place.

There are plenty of ways for people to produce their own podcasts just as there are easy ways for them to produce their own online videos. However, there are times when professionals are more practical overall. Many organizations are realizing the importance of having well produced programs, both in terms of sound quality and content, but do not want to invest the time and expense of getting to a high-production level. Simply put, they want to run their own business not start a new career. We bring a radio flare and clean sound that is drawn from thirty years of experience regarding pro-audio media production.

Perfect Media Prods assists marketing firms, publishers, and individuals wanting to produce radio quality podcasts as part of their overall content marketing strategy. Authors and their books, for example, are common and popular subjects for podcasts.

The process varies from client to client, however, overall the production of a podcast has these basic steps.

The first step is a brief pre-production meeting by phone or an online conference resource. We also ask for a list of talking points to be worked into the conversation about the client’s book and a brief bio about the author for us to review. It is our goal to not only have some background ready for the recording session but also to establish some rapport with the guest to make the conversation sound as organic as possible.

The second step is a single recording session that would be around 45-60 minutes.

We try to keep the final program itself limited to about 20-30 minutes, too much more than that and you lose the audience. However, to establish the technical connections, check the audio levels, and to quickly revue the material it will likely be at least an hour for the session.

In most cases the recording will take place via the internet. (We can improvise with phone signals.) The interviewed guest would need a Skype account and a high speed internet connection. (We use audio only.) A headset or USB microphone is helpful with overall sound quality but not a necessity. We will walk the client(s) through the set-up process on their end and check all of the signals prior to recording. (We do have mobile studio services available in North East Ohio.)

We do the show in real time as if it was live. A heavily edited program runs the risk of sounding over-produced or stylized as an infomercial. Of course, we will remove any major gaffs, add multiple recording sessions, and edit as necessary although be aware extensive post-production adds to the overall cost of the project.

Thirdly, we process the audio file in post-production. Typically we EQ the signal a bit and swipe it with some noise reduction along with a number of other signal processing effects.

Finally, if we are producing the podcast on behalf of your media organization we will then supply a complete and finalized audio project ready for upload to your podcasting platform. If you do not as yet have a podcasting channel set up we can assist you with that as well. Additionally, we can make the podcast available on one of our shows upon your request. We will likely send you the podcast in the format of a MP3 because that format is easy to upload and all podcast hosting servers accept it. If the project is for broadcast or if you have a need for another format WAV files and other formats are available.

This is a podcast about podcasting.


This is a video shot and edited on an iPhone about podcasting that we produced for LinkedIn. (2 min.)