What We Do for Our Clients

What does your company do?

Headphones and MicrophonePerfect Media Productions, LLC is a media production company and consulting service. We create audio for radio and podcast productions, commercials, and flash briefings. We also assist our clients in creating various online media in the forms of audio, video, and photography.

Do you produce audio as an agency for radio broadcast?

Vector realistic isolated neon sign of Radio logo with headset for decoration and covering on the wall background. Concept of on air, broadcasting and dj.Yes. Advertising agencies needing recording services or radio stations wanting to sub out production work are welcome to contact us.  We can record clients on site in Ohio and provide a voice only track or a complete audio program or commercial ready for streaming or broadcast. We also produce voice-overs and a demo page is available on this site.

Do you produce podcasts for others?

Online Media Concept. Blue Podcast Button with Microphone. 3d ReYes. In NE Ohio we can record clients on site or around the country via the internet. Generally, these services fall under the general category of audio production. As part of these services we also consult clients regarding content and the overall production. This includes creating a podcast show and getting it online.

Is there a charge to be a guest on the Billy Dees Podcast?

BillyDees6We generally do not expect payment for someone coming on as a casual guest under the Billy Dees brand and without a criteria for content. Most of the time it is of mutual benefit for us to take on guests. There are times, however, when we will ask for a signed media release.

When fees become a factor:

The times that we do charge guests or clients for being featured on one of our podcasts are decided on a case by case basis, however, generally here are several conditions in which we will ask guests for reimbursement. Most commonly the fees are related to our audio production services and not solely for someone being a guest.

  • The podcast is being produced on behalf of another company or entity and they are presenting it on their website or networks to promote their own work or their clients who have paid them in turn for the promotion.
  • The podcast is promoting something that is being sold for profit or self-promotion.
  • We have to review material (books, music catalogs, etc.) to research the guest and content prior to the interview.
  • The guest asks for special segments, content, or anything that requires pre or post-production.
  • The guest or client wants copies or samples of the digital media.

Here is a video about fees related to podcasting.

This video talks more about what podcasts shows in general want from guests.

Do you produce video?

Yes. We shoot location video primarily for websites and social media throughout Ohio. We also produce book trailers. Videos not requiring on-location shooting can be done for clients throughout the United States. We would need the client to supply the images and cover-art that they own.

Do you provide other services?

contentYes. It is almost the case that no two of our clients receive exactly the same services. We are a custom media consulting service as much as we are anything else. We also assist with content marketing and social media. If you have any questions please ask via the contact page on this website.  Please don’t presume your needs are too unique. We can’t help everyone, true. But by the same token, some of our niche services were started by client inquiries.