“Making It Home – Life Lessons from a Season of Little League” By Teresa Strasser

Teresa Strasser is an Emmy-winning writer for her work at Comedy Central and Emmy-nominated television host regarding her talents at TLC.

Teresa has been a contributor to the Los Angeles Times, USA Today, the Arizona Republic, The Jewish Journal, HuffPost, and The Today Show. Her first-person essays have garnered three Los Angeles Press Club Awards, including Columnist of the Year. Teresa has appeared on The View, CNN, Good Morning America, The Talk, and Dr. Phil.

Radio and podcast audiences know Teresa Strasser as Adam Carolla’s co-host.

Media Personality/Author Teresa Strasser

Her first memoir, “Exploiting My Baby: Because It’s Exploiting Me” was a Los Angeles Times bestseller and optioned by ABC.

On this episode Teresa is talking about her book, “Making It Home – Life Lessons from a Season of Little League.”

After the deaths of her brother and mother just months apart, Teresa explains how baseball helped with her grief and to renew a relationship with her father. Even for readers who are not necessarily big baseball fans, the book is an excellent manual for navigating their way through loss.

The book is available as of June 6, 2023 wherever you buy books.

Teresa’s website TeresaStrasser.com

Teresa Strasser on Twitter @teresastrasser

Author Kimber Silver “Broken Rhodes” Talks About Writing and Story Development

Our guest on this episode is Kimber Silver, the author of “Broken Rhodes,” published August 16th, 2022.

Kimber Silver

During this interview Kimber discusses her early life and how it impacted her writing, as well as some of her writing techniques. Kimber is a believer in sticking with a schedule to maintain progress as a writer.

You can visit Kimber’s website for short stories, book reviews, interviews, and photos here KimberSilver.com.

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Shaman Isis Talks About Wellness and Healing

Shaman Isis

On the podcast for this episode is trauma survivor, mental wellness advocate, and educator, Shaman Isis.

She is also the author of the book, “Unleash the Empress.”

Central to her message is that people can come to terms with their trauma and mental wellness challenges and find the courage within themselves to heal and build a life they will love. Shaman Isis grew up in care and endured a shocking list of traumas that had her steeped in shame and depression. She felt at times that her future looked bleak…but it wasn’t, and through courage, she found freedom.

Shaman Isis’ most important message for anybody going through trauma is that hope endures.

During this podcast she also discusses why it can feel impossible to heal and how to know when it is indeed time for healing to begin.

You can find out more about Shaman Isis on her website: www.shamanisis.com.

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Melissa M. Monroe “Mom’s Search for Meaning: Grief and Growth After Child Loss”

This podcast contains content that some viewers may find triggering.

Our guest on this episode is Melissa M. Monroe, author of, “Mom’s Search for Meaning: Grief and Growth After Child Loss.”

Paralyzed by guilt, grief, and PTSD after her 2-year-old daughter Alice died in her sleep of unknown causes, Melissa Monroe was determined not to become a victim in the story of her life. While taking the advice she had given to many grief and trauma patients throughout the years, hoping she could create a meaningful life without closure, she took notes throughout her healing process.

Melissa M. Monroe

Struggling to advance her timeline beyond that of her daughter’s – and still eager to be the keeper of Alice’s stories – Melissa began to write about Alice’s life and the impact of her death. She became her own lab rat, trying various approaches to healing with the hope that her experience might be helpful to others stuck in a trauma time loop.

During this interview Melissa talks about her experience with child loss, her career, and the process of writing.

You can find out more about her at MelissaMarieMonroe.com.

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Christian Feraria – The Mediocre Student’s Guide to Graduating College

Christian Feraria is an author, publicist, public speaker, and YouTuber! His screen name is qtc_christian on various platforms including YouTube.

Christian’s book, The Mediocre Student’s Guide to Graduating College,” is a book for struggling or unmotivated students who wish to navigate college successfully. Growing up, Christian’s sisters were both stellar students who went to elite colleges and medical school. Christian felt mediocre in comparison to them having been, at times, a more insecure student academically.

Shortly after graduating college, Christian was inspired by the Toni Morison quote, “Write the book you would want to read.” After hearing the quote, Christian immediately thought of a book for mediocre students because that’s the book he would have killed for!

Christian Feraria

Throughout his book, Christian elaborates on how to succeed academically and socially on a college campus. He writes about picking professors and the presence of drugs, sex, etc.

Since his book was released, Christian Feraria has been doing public speaking at schools to get struggling students to believe in themselves. He also has been doing interviews like this one, not only to promote his book but to also raise awareness that the challenges many of us face in school are not that unique.

You can find the full interview wherever you find podcasts. For your convenience you can listen below.

Patricia Tate – Astrology Consultant, Spiritual Health and Wellness Coach

Patricia Tate M.S. from Willow Grace Mystik, LLC is our guest on this episode of the Billy Dees Podcast. Patricia is an astrology consultant and spiritual health & wellness coach.

During the interview she discusses what some of the basic tenets of astrology and mysticism are, as well as some of the misconceptions about both.

She also provides a brief reading about the host, and I must say it was pretty good. We are both from N.E. Ohio and it was nice having a neighbor on the show.

You can find out more about Patricia on her website willowgracemystik.com.