Nurse Penny Talks About Hospice and Normalizing Death and Dying

Our guest today is Penny, who is a Hospice Nurse who shares her experiences to normalize death and dying. She also describes herself as the CEO of sass. As Penny says in the podcast in regard to life, no one gets out of here alive.

This discussion may not be for everyone. For those who are interested, however, the topics range from death itself, the consistencies the dying often experience in the final stages of death, and personal beliefs regarding the afterlife.

Penny is a major influencer on TikTok, her screen name is @Nurse_Penny.

For your convenience you can listen to the interview at the bottom of this post. You can also find it under the Billy Dees Podcast on Apple PodcastsSpotify, and most other major podcast platforms.

You can also view the video-podcast version on YouTube.