Erika Port and her Advocacy for Survivors of Abuse

Erika Port

Our guest on this episode is Erika Port who is a businesswoman from the Cleveland area. She is also an advocate for abuse survivors especially in regard as to why many of them do not realize that they have been abused until years later. Erika is also somewhat unique in her study regarding this subject because she has also interviewed sex offenders since 2015. Erika has heard sex offenders share how they became sex offenders.

Erika also describes her journey as a survivor along with how her path to recovery began. She also details insights into the cycle of abuse, such as why the abused individuals will often stay in bad situations and what some red flags may be to signal that path.

Erika can be found numerous places online. She is @EgalityMatters on Twitter and erika.with.ak on TikTok. Her blog is Tomorrow’s Memoir.

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For your convenience the episode is right here, just hit play. This episode may contain triggers for survivors.

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