HumorOutcasts Interview – Patricia H. McLoud author of “The Green Goddess of Gardening”

Pat McLoud CoverOn this episode we talk with Patricia H. McLoud who is the author of “The Green Goddess of Gardening.”

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This book describes exactly how and what to do to develop gardens and then care for them. It is a concise resource regarding the most important steps to achieve a beautiful garden in easy to understand terms. The book teaches the reader how and when to water, fertilize, prevent bugs, prune, and many other topics of interest to the aspiring gardener.

The book is written in dark print, good sized lettering, and is easy to read and understand. During our interview Pat addresses topics such as how the book is different from other gardening books and the proper containers for container gardening.

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HumorOutcasts Interview with Patricia H McLoud “The Green Goddess of Gardening.”