Smitha Gunturi Talks About Abuse, Trauma, and Recovery

Smitha Gunturi

This episode may contain triggers for survivors.

Smitha Gunturi is a women’s advocate who helps others get through the adverse effects of their lives. Being a single mom working in IT and the corporate world for the last 18 years, she hopes to provide insight and bring new light to conversations around other’s journeys with lessons she’s learned.

Smitha has started The Journey Podcast, guesting similar walks of life to her own, focusing on: child sexual abuse, domestic violence and haunted relationship, rape, child loss, suicidal thoughts & lone parenting. 

On this episode of the Billy Dees Podcast, Smitha shares some of her long journey of trauma and recovery. Her story is one of struggles, but also one of inspiration and success in life.

You can follow Smitha on Twitter @SmithaGunturi.

You can find the Billy Dees Podcast on nearly all of the major podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and iHeartRadio.

For your convenience the episode is right here, just hit play.

The webcam version of the interview is also available on YouTube.

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