HumorOutcasts Interview with Brian Kiley Author of “Maybe Kevin”

I was very happy to have another opportunity to interview Brian Kiley for HumorOutcasts. My last podcast with him was about a year ago for his book, “The Astounding Misadventures of Rory Collins.” His new book is titled, “Maybe Kevin” and is available now on Amazon.

maybe-kevin-coverBrian has an extensive resume including being an Emmy Award winning writer for the Conan O’Brien Show. During this episode we talked a little bit about his work with Conan as well as some of his tricks of the trade regarding his writing process.

As we also discussed during this interview “Maybe Kevin” is somewhat of a hard book to categorize into a neat little genre. The book simultaneously manages several story-lines and time periods. Brian and I share a fondness for the WWII era and we talk about several reasons as to why that is as our discussion about the book moves along.

In general, most good stories are ones of relationships and “Maybe Kevin” is no exception. To learn more about the writing of this book I would give our podcast a listen and hear it from Brian Kiley himself.

For your convenience the interview is available below at the bottom of this post. Just hit play. The podcast episode is also available on most of the major podcasting platforms including Apple Podcasts, iHeartRadio, Spotify, and on your favorite Alexadevice under the “Billy Dees Podcast.”

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HumorOutcasts Interview with Brian Kiley “Maybe Kevin”